The year was 1955. It was the year Disneyland and the first McDonald’s opened, and on September 21, 1955 a group met to discuss forming a Fire District for the area surrounding Lake Roesiger.
Two gentlemen from the Sultan Volunteer Fire Department were in attendance to lend their expertise. A letter was prepared to go out to property owners including information on forming the district and asking for a $10 donation to be used for firefighting equipment. At this meeting Dick Cline was elected the first Fire Chief and Frank Monsen was elected Assistant Chief.


Subsequent meetings were held as their plans took hold, including meetings at the home of Lyle and Jackie Inman. After donations, and a turkey raffle that made $40.31, the newly formed district had $525 to spend on firefighting equipment.


The group voted to file the petition to form a fire district on January 17, 1956. The hearing was scheduled for April 2, 1956 at the Everett Courthouse. The County Commissioners approved the application. On May 19, 1956 all 28 registered voters voted to form a Fire District and elected Frank Monsen, George Bradshaw and Verne Booth as commissioners.


Lyle Inman suggested a fireworks display where advertising, along with hot dogs and soda would be sold to raise money for the Fire District. The Fire District purchased a 1938 Dodge fire truck for $500, which was delivered in January, 1957 and was housed in Lyle Inman’s garage at the Lake Roesiger Store.


In May, 1957 a building committee was formed to build a fire hall. The property for the hall was leased from George Gemmer for $1.


In February, 1958 the siren was installed at the fire station.


Being a volunteer department in a time when most men worked at jobs away from the lake, women started drilling with the men in 1960.


And the Lake Roesiger Fire Department continued to grow. The Annual July Fourth Celebration provided funds for equipment and training as the tax dollars weren’t enough.


The new fire boat arrived in 1965. In 1971 a 1948 GMC pumper was purchased from King County #4 (Shoreline). A 1950’s military surplus tender was purchased in 1985 from Clallam County Fire #5.


Our first aid car was a Chevrolet van purchased from Valley General Hospital in Monroe.


In 1990 the fire district bought our first new fire engine, a Darley pumper purchased with timber tax money.


The 1600 gallon military surplus tender was replaced by a Freightliner 2850 gallon tender in 1993.


To replace the aging Chevy aid van, the fire district purchased a Braun aid car in 1995 which is still in service today.


A four wheel drive H&W CAFS pumper on an International chassis, affectionately known as the “Wombat”, was purchased in 1998.


Our newest firetruck is a 2006 H&W CAFS pumper.